Week Three.

POLAROID. watch this space.

Polaroids have interested me for years and i finally managed to get hold of a polaroid camera off ebay for only a tenner. This inspired me to actually try and go on to take some polaroids. This film that i've used is fade to black. This film basically starts out really over exposed and then over a 24hour period it fades to black. Seeing as this film is relatively old now, it reacted a lot faster  than i had expected, in about 2hours it gets to the stay photographed below. Once happy with your exposure on the film you have to pull it apart to stop it developing. This is very experimental and hard to piece back together afterwards. These polaroids are pictures before i pulled them apart, as i prefer them before i pulled them apart.

In the paragraph at the end of this page i talked about making things look alternative, now this is a fairly normal place i found, a farm to the left with a road leading to another part of it straight ahead, with tall evergreen tree's all around. Through the darkness of the polaroid it gives the sense of being very secluded and cut off from the rest of civilisation, which is what i like about polaroid, it gives that different view on things.

This is one of my favourite polaroids. I'm really into the whole two part image idea. So literally just the sky then the outlines of the trees, then darkness. I took this image twice as the first time there were more highlights in the lower parts of the images, and i wanted it to be darker without the highlights.

For ages near where i live i have seen this very tall narrow trees which i've been interested in photographing for ages. There didn't seem to be any way of getting too the trees as they run alongside a main road, but driving the other day i finally found how to get to the back of them. This picture came out a little darker than i had hoped but i still think it gives off the eerie feel that i had hoped to capture.

With polaroid, it is a process that i hope to come back to many times and each time slowly see an improvement. I'm am really happy with these pictures as they are my first ever batch of polaroid. The only negative point is the film itself that i used 'fade to black' for this project i was really looking for normal colours not these two tone abstract colours. Due to the film being highly expensive for eight shots i didn't get hold of any of the more normal film, but hopefully as they are re producing it as we speak the price will go down even a little at least. I have looked at a number of polaroid photographers on flickr and such other blogging websites, and the majority that draw me in are those that are of a more strange alternative look. I can't really explain it but i really like the effect they give off to make that moment look like a proper memory rather than a fleeting thing you cant remember in a few days.