Sunday, 7 March 2010
new blog.

Jessops need to learn a thing or two about customer care.

Need to process this film then should have last two weeks.

Kinda remade this whole thing today, to make it easier to navigate. Will probably delete this when i think of something else to put on the first page haha..

Literally just ordered some 'fade to black' polaroid film. It didn't say how long it will take to arrive, but it's coming from america so i presume five days to a week. So i will hopefully do a week on polaroid in say week four or five.

For week two i wanted to re create David Hockney's composite images, or the way he shoots them anyway. Due to this being a pretty hard concept i have still not got any final images, but hopefully will upload some tonight after i have gone out today and taken some more.

Basically got most of my idea's down now. Just need to shoot some more stuff. Then really need to focus on Stuarts project. Found a sweet song for the background. Two Weeks - Grizzly Bear.

*tip* Seeing as blogspot seems incapable of making the images look high quality when smaller, i suggest clicking on all of my images to see them a lot larger, therefore a lot higher in quality.