Week Four.

Today took a colour film on holga, proccessing tomorrow at jessops. so yeah upload that soon. basica idea, tree's and nature. this place i found was epic. the mist that added too it to was so nice.
my only downfall with holga is, i like all holga pictures so much, i find it hard to differentiate between the good and bad.

This has to be my second favorite out of the set. I really like the composition and the way the river is winding into the horizon. I also like how the river looks silvery and like it is almost frozen over. The shadows have come out really well on the banks of the river to enhance the definition of the river. What i really liked about this day was how bland and misty the sky was which gave it a nice eerie glow to the whole picture.

When i saw this it reminded me of this album cover http://tapulous.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/airborne_toxic_event.jpg i really like this band and i thought it was a pretty cool capture. It's interesting with the contrast to see all the little twigs coming off the big branches. This picture and the album cover have always reminded me of how veins look, obviously under a microscope not to the naked eye. 

This is the view from the other side of the bridge i was near, if found it strange how the scenery completely changed to a more green and brighter view. Maybe the saying is true.

This is by far my favourite image of the shoot. For most if not all of the pictures i tried to use the mist to give at odd dreamy effect to the pictures, and in this one i feel it came out perfectly. The colours of the blacks to purple then to white really give this picture that weird eerie and dreamy effect that i was going for. Other than that i don't really have much i can say about it, i purposely wanted half sky and half trees. 

I feel like this shoot came out pretty well, i always like the way my holga pictures come out, with the odd light leak and vignetting. To improve i think i should be less trigger happy with the holga and just keep taking more and more shoots to improve.