Week Five.

Really not feeling digital pictures at the moment/anymore, can't seem to get them to work, really really prefer my old digital pictures i took last year, not sure what's going wrong. To get away from the crisp boringness of digital, i washed these out a bit to give it more of a raw less digital look. Not sure if that's a good thing or not.

My concept for these images were merely to show the landscape in which we live, and my surroundings. The area i shot these images at is a national trust gardens literally five minutes up the road.

I really liked the overgrown aspect of this old outhouse. It was tucked away amongst tree's and shows how nature is reclaiming its space. I liked the contrasting greens to the bright blue sky.

I liked the real sense of space in this picture. When i look at it i feel like i can keep looking for ages the way everything is shaped perfectly to draw you in. The way the hills roll and the lake curves around the grass. I like how the lake looks like it is made out of almost some sort of misted glass.

The could see instantly how i wanted to compose this image but found it hard to get it all in the frame as there was an electric fense right in behind of me, ideally i would've liked to have got more of the tree's in. I really like how they outline the frame to the right and how defined the clouds are. Looking back at these now i can see i have slightly over edited the contrast on parts and will go back and sort this at some point.

I really like the shallow depth of field i have used for this picture as the background light is nicely blurred out. I liked the way this symbolised the falling of the flowers and the changing of seasons, ready for summer. I composed this purposly to get the bigger leaf directly at the front of the image to lead you from that to the petals behind. I once again like the contrasting colours of pink of the petals to the greens of the tree's.

Extremely generic picture granted, but i still really like it. I've always liked showing the gentle grisps on the petals, the small dots and pollen. It is always a nice reminder that everything has a certain beauty if you look close enough, i dont particularly find flowers that interesting at a normal eye view, but to this zoom effect i find them very interesting.

I obviously see looking back at these images that these are by far none of my best images, but im learning not every shoot is going to be amazing and you will get some average or worse pictures a lot of the time. I think if i was to go back to this location i would definetely focus more on the macro side and up close textures of things rather than landscapes.