Week Six.

black and white film, for some reason had to be sent away to be done in jessops, taking a week, will be here thursday.

went into jessops yesterday, aparently this batch is going to take two weeks, ironic how i was trying to save time when now i could've done it at college faster and for free.

Still not in, because of the volcano basically it has been held back, gone into jessops countless times and had a go, but still no film.

Waiting for these images for so long made some sort of invisible hype that i felt about them that they should be some sort of amazing photographs.

My concept for this shoot was that of our local, and industrial world.
The sheer scale difference in the people to the huge cargo ship was what drew me to take this picture. Just looking at how small they are to the mouth of the cargo ship makes you realise how huge they actually are. It really makes you realise how amazing it is that we can build something that big when we are only miniscule compared to it. I really like the puff of smoke that is coming out the side to emphasis this is an industrial site. I purposly got the metalic bridge in too, to show even that is impressive to be able to construct.

This would remind me of something maybe william eggleston would shoot, not because of the content but because of the sheer shooting what he see's. I shot it quite simply because of the crane going across the frame. I loved it as it was a major leading line, and this has to be my most favourite image from the set. The sheer simplicity just brings me to love it. Throughout the image are lines the ship directly to the left of the crane, the horizon in the background and the buildings below. I also like the sharp black contrast on the shadow that this image has to really draw your eyes in to the crane, as if you needed help anyway. Cranes are also a huge part of the industrial world and without them half the building would not get done.

Silo's holding waste from the industrial site really show how much waste there is. The symmetry of these huge silo's really brings home the whole idea of how small we are compared to what we can contruct in this day and age. Looking at them i feel daunted as to what would happen if one of these was to burst or produce a big leak. It also shows the major concern with the waste produced from construction and the environmental problems that come with it, such as where and what to do to dispose of it.

It's hard to explain what i mean about how it's the shapes i like in this image. I like how the two bigger trucks are curving into the corner and how there is a line around the middle group of buildings. It helps you to really focus on them. I framed this image to show the scraps of metal and the trucks that help to transport liquid materials and waste.

I like this image for the complete sum up of an industrial site. The old abandonded looking warehouse with the tankers hold some form of material or waste, with various parts of scrap metal lying about.

If i was to go back to this location i would want to see if it was at all possible to go down, see i was standing from up high with a nice zoom lense. It would obviously be pretty hard to get down close due to health and safety, but the images would surely improve a lot as they would be more specific on certain parts of the industrial site. I really enjoyed these pictures even though it took me roughly two months to get them back. I think they came out well for film as well. I barely edited them all i did to a couple was up the contrast to make them less flat.

Closing statement:

Overall i have really enjoyed the freedom we have been given for this project, if i was to have this opportunity again i would probably plan my weeks in advance as to not be halfway through a week and end up getting stuck for ideas.